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About ME


Living in a fast pace city like HK, our mind is in constant overdrive and we tend to ignore our internal body system resulting in an imbalance of our body and mind. Our brain is constantly working and our body does not sync. An effective healing massage or a proper therapy can realign your internal energy and awaken the heart of your self-healing power.


Everything has its own rhythm. In our body, we have impulse, respiratory breathing, cranial rhythm and even each of the internal organ has its own motility. It is important that to do treatment by following the rhytm of the body can get an incredible effect.


By following the rythm of the body, the practitioners can listen and communicate with the client's internal body by using their healing hands. The secret of the healing hand is " relax " and be very " gentle ". You can also communicate with your body by deep breathing, breathe in deeply and slowly breathe out into the area which you want to improve, such as kidneys, tired muscles, eyes etc.

Hi, my name is Ah ME. I am a bodywoker and massage lover. I find that going out for massage is quite time consuming and dirty. I have to get a locker, change the clothes, take a shower, wait for the massagist and walk to the room before I having a massage. After I have received a massage, I need to take some rest on the table. I don't want to move. But no way, I will be asked to leave the room immediately. I know that they will reuse the used towels. It is so terrible that I can't get a real relax outside.  

On-site massage is the need for Hong Kong people who are too busy to go out for massage. You can enjoy relaxation at your doorstep and use your own clean towels. You can stay on your lovely bed or massage table for whenever you like after receiving our professional massage. 

We will use high quality cold pressed coconut oil and essential oil for different kinds of massages. And we can deliver clean towels or massage table if you need. So you can enjoy massage easily at your place without doing anything.

Why do I love massage so much? It's because I born with a weak body. I always feel tired. I even don't know what is tiredless. I massage myself since I was a child. I couldn't find any help through medical way. Then I began to focus on my body structure, scoliosis. I found that my body structure affected my health very much. Everything inside my body is twisted which greatly affects my blood circulation and organ's functions. And I know that our health condition is closely bound up with our body structure. 

I started to take many courses about alternative medicines and learn the techniques of different kinds of therapies. Our body is very interesting. It is a network, each part is related to another part which can affect the whole body. For example, our neck is related to our lower back, and our lower back is related to our foot; our tummy is related to our head; our 2nd lumbar bone is related to our heart and we become fat is related to our neck and head etc.  

Now I believe that I born with responsibility to find the way to heal myself and use my techniques to help people. 

I am serious. I believe that doing massage or streching are more important than doing exercise. Massage can help your blood flowing smoothly round the whole body and  supple enough materials for the organs to function well but exercise can build muscles to block the blood flow. Doing massage 1-3 times per week regularly can keep our health at its optimum state and staying younger.

Massage is a great job but not a cheap service. This is the goal that I want to change the wrong perspective of most of the Hong Kong people.  

Home massage in Hong Kong
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