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Lymphatic drainage is done by pulling the skin very gently in semi circle-like moves, part by part of the body. Which creates a pumping action to direct the body fluid beneath the skin, the intercellular space and  the space between organs back to the lymph vessels , veins and then back the heart. It's good for detoxification  and edema after injuries. 

You might not know that there are huge amount of emotions and toxins stored in your abdomen. Those can be released and removed by using specific technique. Helping to clean your internal organs.

By using specific technique to realign the fascia to its original position and state. It helps on realignment of your body structure, restores the elasticity of the skin, slimming, etc.

Each part of our body such as organ, fascia and system has its own rhythmic vibration. By following the rhythm with a very light touch, we can communicate with your body and guide the fascia back to its original state and optimum condition. Which may inspire your self-healing power and the reaction will keep holding on inside your body few days after the treatment. It can help on all kinds of mind-body problems.

Cranial adjustment will also be applied within the therapy. 

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