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It is kind of deep tissue massage which combines with TUI NA and oil massage. It works on tendons, muscles, acupressure points and meridian system, can release tensions effectively.

It's a rhythmic massage by application of thumbs and palms compression mostly following the energy lines of the body. It's a very relaxing massage. The rhythmic moves can silent your heart and empty your mind. This massage combines with some yoga like stretching. People call that  " lazy yoga massage ". 

Stimulation of foot reflex areas -> extremities of peripheral nerves -> Central nervous system -> body organs -> brain -> body organs -> optimizes the function of whole body. It's also an effective treatment that good for sleep disorder person.

Mostly works on the pelvic and lower back areas by using long and slow stroke with gentle pressure. Helping mother to release the tension from the weight gained in the front. Improving the fluidity of delivery and reduction of pain.

It's a body & mind deep relaxing massage. Slow and smooth and long strokes with high quality of essential oil will be applied. Powerful stress relief and keep your skin stay young. 

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Home massage in Hong Kong
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