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ARC  massage

What is our ARC massage ? 


  • combination of Chinese TUI NA & deep tissue massage

  • TUI means " to push ", NA means " to lift & squeeze "

  • brush, knead, roll, press, rub and shake will be used on the specific areas and acupuncture points

  • the strength of massage might gentle or quite firm and deep

  • Coconut oil will be used 



How it works ?


  • Heat will be produced by stimulating the specific areas and acupuncture points. Which will spread to the whole body and clear the path of the meridian 

  • Opens up the meridian to enhances the flow of Chi and blood circulation 

  • bring the body into balance ​

How often you should receive a massage ? 

  • Twice a week in the first 2 weeks

  • Once a week in the next 4 weeks

  • And then you can do twice a month

 ​* It's the best if you can have a good massage every week

When is the best time to do massage in a day ?

  • 10 :00 - 17 : 00

* It's not good to have massage at night time. Since the main button of your body is turning off. You should stay calm and take rest and ready to sleep. Any activities which would stimulate your body is not good for your health.

Benefits :


  • Can help both acute & chronic musculoskeletal conditions as well as non-musculoskeletal conditions

  • Pain management 

  • Sprains

  • Restores of energy

  • Releases tension of muscles

  • Enhances blood circulation 

  • Speed up the metabolism

  • Boosts immunity 

  • Helps with digestion, constipation and lymphatic circulation 

  • Improves sleeplessness 

  • Strengthens the internal organs

  • especially suitable for elderly


Caution :


  • You may feel tired, thirsty or a bit pain after receiving massage

  • Drinks a glass of warm water may good for metabolism 

  • You should take 15-20 mins rest and keep away from wind after treatment. Dries out the sweat immediately if sweating

  • avoid shower 2-3 hours after the treatment

  • people who got serious heart or lung disease, cancer, skin inflammation, fracture, osteoporosis, extremely weak or during menstruation are not suitable to do massage

  • no shoulder and foot massage on pregnant woman 

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