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Prenatal massage

Benefits :

  • ​Reduces stress, encourage healthful sleep and promote relaxation

  • Provide emotional support and physical nurturing

  • Reduces or alleviates neck, back and joint pain caused by posture,muscles weakness, tension, extra weight or imbalance

  • Relieves muscle spasms, cramps and fibrosis

  • Increase blood and lymph circulation which minimizes the edema, varicose veins and leg cramps common with pregnancy and exacerbated in many high-risk pregnancies

  • Encourage deeper and easier breathing - especially important for woman with asthma or lung problems


Caution & Contraindication !!!

  • Side lying position is often advised

  • Deep pressure or friction should be avoided on the legs because blood clots are more likely to develop as hormonal changes

  • Abdominal massage should be completely avoided in the first trimester

  • Acupressure points are contraindicated. It can cause miscarriages

  • Massage should be avoided in the third trimester for clients with a heart condition

  • Avoids applying aroma essential oil on pregnant client

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